Welcome to the hiring page of Punctum Images.
If you're passionate about CGI, possess a keen eye for detail, and are ready to join a team dedicated to crafting visual experiences that captivate audiences worldwide, let's check the opportunities at Punctum Images.


We're all about keeping it real and open here. Being transparent is key for us, whether it's among our team or with our clients. When everyone's on the same page, trust blossoms, and that's when the magic happens in our collaborations and projects.

Personal Growth 
We're dedicated to helping our team grow, both personally and professionally. We see each person's progress as a boost for our whole crew's success.

We take ownership of our actions and decisions, striving for excellence in everything we do. Being accountable is how we ensure our clients get standout results they'll love.

We believe in diversity and inclusion and are dedicated to providing an environment where all team members are treated fairly and respectfully. Equality is not just a value; it's a fundamental aspect of our company culture.

These values are more than just buzzwords to us. They are the principles that guide our daily actions and shape our business. At Punctum Images, we uphold these values in every aspect of our work, ensuring a positive and inclusive environment where our team can thrive.
Our offices are right in the heart of the amazing DOX+ building, where the vibes of a cool modern art gallery nearby keep our creativity going strong.
We've set up our workspace with everyone in mind. If you love natural light, we've got bright spots that are perfect. Need some quiet time? Our cozy, dimmer spaces are just for you.
We're all about teamwork and bouncing ideas around, which is why we have open areas where we can gather, talk, and let those creative juices flow. Plus, we've sprinkled plenty of plants around because who doesn't love a bit of greenery?
Nestled in the lively Holesovice neighborhood in Prague, our offices aren't just a place to punch the clock. They're a place to feel inspired and make things happen.
We get it - not everyone wants to be in the office all the time. But when you're here, our kitchen is the spot for chats and brainstorming. It's where the coffee flows and ideas do too!
Come join our team at Punctum Images and be a part of our awesome, energetic, and downright inspiring workspace!